Saturday, June 30, 2012

Going Home Time

Gosh - I am looking at the pictures in this post and am so amazed at how much Jack has changed in the last two weeks!  That's right - how do I have a two week old already?!  OK - back to the post...I wanted to do a post dedicated to going home from the hospital - it is a big deal (at least in my mind)!  I had intended on staying in the hospital the full amount of time, but since I was doing so well, I thought it might be good for us all to be at home (especially for Katie).  And we all know that the hospital really is not the most restful place.  So we went ahead and left on Monday to head home.  

Here is Jack dressed all cute in his going home outfit!
Another picture - and with his monkey blanket and a burpcloth (obviously).  And I wanted to comment that monkeys must be a really popular theme for boys - we got tons of monkey stuff from folks...and it is all so cute!
My nurse took our picture - so cute!
And then Brad loaded Jack up in his carseat!
"Momma - I'm ready to go see my house!"
He was so serious! :) And so cute.
When I went home with Katie, I was wheeled out in a wheelchair holding the carrier.  They didn't do that this time - I walked my own self out to the car!  I am sure I could have asked to be wheeled out if I was hurting, but I felt good enough to do it for sure.  And then the ride home was uneventful!  When we got home, Sadie was super excited to see us.  Katie was playing with Nanny for the day, so she wasn't home yet.
Me with my little guy!
My neighbor put a blue bow on our mailbox!  That was something else different - we didn't get a sign for the yard.  I assume they don't do that anymore for safety reasons (as in - so folks won't know you have a wee one and try to take them ... sick, sick people).
And Daddy-o with his boy!
And I wanted a picture of us by front door with the wreath that had been hanging on the hospital door.  It is still on our front door now!
And we had presents for each of the kids from the other - Katie picked out things for Baby Jack (in the blue bag), and then Jack had a present for Katie.  We had the things at the hospital, but there wasn't a good time to do it, so we saved them for at home.
After Brad went to pick Katie up and they got home, Katie got to dig in to her bag of goodies.  Jack waited to open his this past week!
She loved her Rapunzel doll!  She still runs around with it all over the house!
And she got two Tangled books and a tracing ABC's book.  She loves them all!
And she wanted to sit together and read the book together.  I think she was super excited that I was home form the hospital.  And she was only slightly interested in Jack at that point!
And that is all from the whole Jack-was-born experience!  I, of course, have lots of cute pictures from the last two weeks...and pictures of what Big Sis has been doing too!  So stay tuned! :)



  1. I didn't see it at first, but Jack favors Katie a lot in the first going home picture!

  2. Coming home is TOTALLY a big deal! I love the presents idea and the blue bow! I've never saw a mailbox with a bow for bringing home baby. Such an adorable idea!!