Monday, June 11, 2012

Big Sister Party

Last Thursday, after I picked Katie up from school, we headed to Cee Cee's house.  She had wanted to get Katie a baby boy doll for her birthday (since she will have a baby boy at home in just a matter of days).  My mom also wanted to wait until after Katie had gone to big sister school to give it to her!  So Thursday we had a little Big Sister Party!  Katie got to eat a snack - cheesy penguin crackers, watermelon, and apple juice - and then open a present!!  She was pretty excited about opening a present.  And she LOVES the baby boy doll.  He came with his own bottle, so she loves feeding him - and rocking him and burping him and putting him in a little stroller!

Look at that smile - I just love it!
Trying to figure out what it is in the bag
Judging by her expression, I'd say she was pretty thrilled about a doll!
My big girl - I think she looks like she is 4 or 5 here...sheesh!  Slow down, little lady!
And the goofball pose with her new little baby boy doll - she used a dish towel as a blanket to wrap him up!
And my brother found an outfit for Jack to wear so that he and Katie's doll can match - so cute!
I think Katie is becoming more and more excited about big sisterhood.  This weekend my dad asked if she was excited about getting to hold and help with Baby Jack so soon - and she said no.  HA!  That was the first glimpse of a negative answer...let the fun begin! 


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