Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Hospital Stay

Beware: picture overload for sure!  I am playing catch up with pictures from the rest of the hospital stay (aside from the actual day Jack was born)!  We had a great first night together - while we were in the hospital, we kept Jack in the room until around 11 or 11:30 and then sent him to the nursery (and they would bring him back if he needed to eat).

Our first visitor of the day was my aunt, Brenda.  It was so great to visit with her!

Next on the list were Tanja, Nick, and Sina!  I loved all the visitors in the hospital - it is always fun to show off our new member of the family!  Here is Nick and Tanja with Jack...
And Tanja and Sina with Jack...
I took a shower that morning too - and boy, oh boy, did it feel nice to be clean!  Brad had gone home to hang out with Katie for a while and my mom came in case I needed anything.  I think this c-section experience was much more pleasant than with Katie.  I was up and moving around much more easily - in fact, the evening of the day he was born, my nurse said I was acting like a 2nd day "typical" delivery because I seemed to be doing so well!
Here is me and Tanja with Jack!  Please excuse my flabby arm :)
And here is all of us!
As they were leaving, I decided to take a little walk to go see the nursery and see if any other babies were in there!  Of course that meant Jack got to go on a ride too!
And here is me and Jack with the wreath I made for the hospital door!  I got so many compliments from nurses - and so many questions on how to make it!  The wreath is hanging on our front door now!  I meant to get a "J" to put in the middle of it and put his birth stats on it, but that didn't happen :)
Christie came to visit next!  Jack was very comfy snuggling with her for sure!
That afternoon, Brad and Katie came for a visit - I think Katie definitely started warming up to Jack!  Look at that smile as she was gazing at her little brother!
Me and my babies :)
Daddy and his little boy!
Saturday night, Dallas and Katherine and Olivia came to visit!  Olivia is just 5 months old, but she looks so big next to the new baby boy!
And Dad and Robbin brought us dinner (thank goodness - the hospital food was terrible! I think I only ate two meals from there...a yucky breakfast, and then a good lunch of peanut butter and jelly) - BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, and potato salad with sweet tea! Delicious!  And of course they stayed and visited a while.  Here they are with Jack!
We had a great night Saturday night also!  Brad stayed both Friday and Saturday night at the hospital, so it was nice if a diaper needed to be changed or something along those lines (since I was trying to be low-key with the pain of my incision, etc).  My mom and brother came - so Will got to meet his nephew!  He was super excited and Jack definitely was checking him out!
And here is a good (with eyes open) picture of my mom with Jack!
And a picture of me with my mom and Jack!  I love this picture!
And me with my baby boy - so sweet :)
Daddy and Jack on his first Father's Day as a daddy of two!
Katie came to the hospital early afternoon and gave her Daddy a great big hug!  So sweet!
And my aunt and uncle came to visit too (and brought us lunch)!
I gave Katie a fun activity bag to play with at the hospital - it had a "k" on it and place for crayons on the front of the bag.  Inside, there were stickers and coloring books and stamps and a book.  She loved it!
Here we are reading her new book.  Such a great picture!
Daddy with his two kiddos on Father's Day!
That Sunday night, Brad stayed at home with Katie.  They went to the pool with our neighbors after they left the hospital and then they went on a Daddy Date to Chuy's!
I had to supplement a little bit with some formula since Jack was losing weight and my milk hadn't come in.  While he was in the hospital, he went from 8 lbs 14 oz at birth to 7 lbs 12.75 oz.  And that was WITH supplementing just a little bit!  Luckily, my milk did come in on Monday (only 3 days after the c-section...with Katie it took 5!).
Another picture of my wreath with my room number :)
And a picture of Brad with Jack as we were gearing up to go home!  We had signed all the papers but I was exhausted and took a nap and then Tanja came for another visit before she had to travel for work!
We could have stayed there until Tuesday, but I was doing well and we thought it would be good for us all to be home together (especially for Katie's sake).  So stay tuned for the going home post!


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  1. Can I just say I'm SO impressed with how incredibly you're keeping up with your blog (pictures and all!!!) after just having had a baby boy and another little one?! I'm impressed! It's just me and I cant even get it together sometimes ;)

    Congratulations on your sweet baby boy! And your little girl is adorable!! What a happy little family :)