Monday, June 18, 2012

Jack: Day 3!

I promise to do some more extensive posts once we are home, but I want to be able to document my little man and how he changes from day to day!

Things are going well - he is such a sweet boy and I could snuggle with him forever. Last night it was just the two of us (Brad stayed home with Katie) and I really loved relaxing and enjoying lots of skin to skin time! I'm still trying to get my milk to come in :) I'm actually supplementing with a little bit of formula to help him put a little weight back on.

I think we may head home long as we get the all clear from my doctor and Jack's pediatrician! So let the adventure begin!

Here are some pictures from yesterday (on my phone...I have lots on my camera!)...

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  1. He is so sweet! It is funny that I can't see any of Katie in him yet. I wish I could love on him and his big sister!