Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Sister School

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the hospital where Jack will be born for a class for Katie!  The class was called "Tots On Tour" - and it was just what I had hoped for!  They talked about what new babies can and cannot do, what new babies eat (and don't eat), what they look like, that they cry a lot, that you have to have mommy's and daddy's help when you hold them, etc.  It was great.  And Katie was enthralled by it - she participated by raising her hand when polled by the teacher and also answering questions.  They also showed a short movie to talk about those same things.  And then we got to see a room like the one where I will be staying after Jack is born (so she knows what the room looks like when she comes to visit).  And the teacher went into the newborn nursery and held up a newborn baby for the kids to see too.  It was great! 

Here we are before heading to the class.  I love this picture of us! (thanks, Melinda!)
 And here's Katie before class started.  I think she was really excited!
 As I was filling out the pre-registration paperwork for the hospital, Katie and Brad were looking at the page that explained things that older siblings will likely do as they get used to the new family dynamics.  Of course Brad didn't read it word for word - don't need Katie getting any ideas!!
 And Katie loved seeing the new baby!
 I wanted a picture with my girl after class was over :)
 They also gave all the kids a "I'm A Big Sister" or "I'm A Big Brother" shirt (as applicable, obviously) - Katie tried to put it on in the car on the way home.  She clearly thinks it is pretty neat.
I'm really glad we got to do this with her...and I sure hope she remembers some of it as she comes to the hospital to see me and meet Jack!  

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