Friday, June 1, 2012

Thursday Fun and Jack Update

Yesterday was a fun day!  I had a doctor's appointment (remember, I am now to the weekly schedule) and all is well!  My blood pressure was still a-okay at 111/79 and I have not progressed at all.  I thought for sure I'd be at 1 cm by now since I am having tons of Braxton-Hicks, but they are all apparently just practice!  I was also a happy girl because I hardly had to wait for my appointment (after waiting like an hour and a half last week)!  My doctor's office is just down the street from Krispy Kreme, so I usually stop there for breakfast - yum!  I don't like to eat before my appointment (as long as it is an early one) since I have to get on the dreaded scales (I know - I am supposed to gain weight right now, but it is the concept - I like to minimize that number as much as possible)!
 Katie hung out at my mom's house while I was at my appointment, so I went to visit for a little while and then we headed out.  We did a little Father's Day shopping (since I will be having a baby between now and then and will actually be in the hospital on Father's Day itself) and then met my friend Kara and her crew for lunch at a delicious local place! Katie and Carter sat next to each other at lunch and did a great job playing together!  Aren't they so cute??  Katie looks like a giant - they are really about the same size - Katie was just sitting closer to the edge of the bench :)
 And remember?  Kara is pregnant too!  We had to do one last belly picture - Kara is having a c-section on Wednesday!  And Jack will join us two weeks from today!
 And here is a little progression of our belly pics together!!  In the first one, she is 16 weeks and I am 15 weeks.  In the second one, she is 29 weeks and I am 28 weeks, and in the third one, she is 38 weeks and I am 37 weeks (just about).  How neat!  And good gracious our bellies grew significantly between each of the pictures!
Happy Friday!  I could really get used to these 4 day weeks with a long weekend!  Hope you have a great weekend!


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