Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Little Pillow Help

I promise to post lots more about Jack and our hospital stay and the transition from one to two kiddos, but I had written some extra posts and wanted to post this one - I need some pillow advice for our bedroom!

Remember when I posted about us re-doing our master bedroom?  Well I now have all the pillows I had imagined!  And I need some help.  Which pillow placement do you like?
 OPTION #3 (the rectangle pillows on the bed and rocking chair are swapped):
Clearly I had the look of option 1 in my head (hence, all the pictures), but I decided I would move things around and see how it looks - and of course I can't decide!!  What do you think?  Is it too much pillow-on-the-bed for the Mr & Mrs to be on the bed?  Should the rectangle pillow that matches the rocking chair be on the rocking chair or somewhere else?  I guess a fourth alternative would be similar to option #1 but swap the rectangle pillows on the rocking chair and sofa.  HELP!  What do you think??


  1. I really like number 1 but both look great. Love the sofa at the foot of the bed. ;0

  2. I think #3 as it puts the chair pattern in all three locations. And I like the Mr. & Mrs. pillow on the couch.

  3. I like the clean look of #1 with the pillows being similar in color and shades as the bedding and the quiet contrast of the pillows on the couch.

  4. I think I like option 1 the best! Love that you have a couch at the foot of the bed! Would not have thought to do that, but it looks great, and I would imagine is quite functional! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog from WILW - am your newest follower!