Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jack - The Big Day

What a whirlwind last Friday was!  We had our alarms set for 4:15 so we could get ready, load our things in the car, and arrive at the hospital at 5:30.  Well, I woke up to go to the bathroom at 2:15 and had HORRIBLE heartburn but could not eat or drink anything because of having surgery later in the morning.  Needless to say, I did not go back to sleep. So I was running on about 3 hours of sleep that day!

So we arrived at the hospital and got checked in and into our room.  Here is my very last belly picture - the sticker says "Ready or not, here I come!" it!  And I found a cutesy hospital gown online - and they let me wear it since it was identical to the normal, not-so-cute hospital gown!  It definitely made all of the pictures I was in better :)
 My mom took this rather unflattering picture of us before they wheeled me off to the operating room.
 I was wheeled into the OR at 7:26 - and at 7:56, we met our sweet boy, Jack!  So it only took 30 minutes to get my spinal, get prepped, and them to get him out.  Pretty amazing.  And when they were in the process of getting him out, they got his head out first and were getting the yucky stuff out of his mouth, and he bit my doctor!  And once they got him all the way out, he grabbed hold of the aspirator and wouldn't let go.  I wonder if he is going to be as feisty as his big sister!

And during the c-section, I could feel more on my left side.  Yuck!  I couldn't really feel exact movements, but it was definitely uncomfortable and more than just pressure.  They actually squirted some extra numbing agent on the area they were working on so as to ease the discomfort a little more.  Once Jack was taken out, of course I didn't really pay attention to it as much, but it was way uncomfortable.  I remember at one point I told them it felt like they were rearranging things - and they replied saying they actually were.  Ew - and ouch!
 First time holding my baby boy...absolutely amazing.
 And the first picture of him with Mom and Dad!
 After getting cleaned up - he was a big boy for sure!  That newborn diaper almost doesn't fit!
 Baby burrito!  Love it :)
 Another picture together once I was moved to recovery.  You can definitely tell I had some good painkillers at this point...
 I love how I am looking at him in this picture...
 Once we were moved into a post-partum room, they did his bath in the room.  But first they did the footprints!  And it just so happened that he had his first (and second) poopy diaper while the nurse was working on him.  Brad got off lucky this time - the nurse said she had never seen anything like it in her 11 years - he had peed a lot in his diaper already...and his two dirty diapers were, um, intense (to say the least).  Jack lost 10 ounces his first day...and that would be why!
 And then it was bath time...he had a look of pure ecstasy on his face while his head was being washed!
Jack's first picture with Grandma! 
 And Jack's first picture with Cee Cee!
 I just can't get enough of his snuggles.  He is such a sweet boy!
 And Jill and Hank came to visit!  It was so much fun to be pregnant together - and now we get to watch these two boys grow up together.  Stella and Katie are best buds and I have no doubt these boys will gang up on their sisters and sympathize with those two crazy girls!
 And Jack's first picture with Papa!
 Ashley came to visit after she left work!  Jack will love his "Applesauce" as much as Katie does - she calls her Applesauce for some strange reason!
 And Cat came to visit too - Jack was super comfy in her arms!
 A picture of us together :)
 And Meme with Jack!  She came for a quick visit and brought a cute basket of snacks and chapstick and lotion.  So sweet!
 And I think Jack was a tired boy that evening!  What a day - being born, snuggling, and being loved on by so many people that have prayed for him and love him so much.  Definitely a good first day of life!
I can't believe all of this was a week ago!  I will do a post tomorrow about our first week together with a picture from each day - I am sure he has already changed!

I will also do a few separate posts with the rest of our hospital stay - Katie meeting Jack, visits from friends, etc!  So check back for a lot more pictures (shocking, right)!  And I want to do a post comparing some pictures of Jack and Katie to see how much they resemble eachother!



  1. He is so perfect....makes me so excited to meet my new little one!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this. So sweet :) And I love that gown- what a great idea!!!

  3. YAYYYYY!!! I love it! I cannot wait to see that little nugget in person. Congrats, lady! =)