Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, folks!  Here is what I'm loving today (other than the obvious fact that I am at home with my family of four and Jack is such a sweet boy)!
 I'm LOVING that the erin condren Life Planners are available for pre-order now!  I love the one I got for this year, and I can't wait to get one for next year!  I actually just looked at the website and they are sold out until July, so mark your calendar to get one!
 I'm LOVING this...HA!  I have to say that I am pretty excited about the idea of a girl's night of dinner and going to see Magic Mike.  Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum (along with the other eye candy) are definitely worth the price of admission!
 I'm LOVING this setup I saw for a birthday party!  I love the banner and colors and chevron and all of it!  
 I'm LOVING this quote - and the simplicity of the design as well!
 I'm LOVING this - you may have seen it circulating Facebook, but I just had to post it.  And good grief isn't it the truth!
I am going to do a few posts soon with pictures from the hospital.  I would do a birth story post, but it was pretty basic with a scheduled c-section.  I am sure I will come up with something to write about though :)

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  1. I too love that birthday set up.. really pretty banner. I so can relate to the cleaning up with kids around quote.. sheesh!

    Dropping by via WILW :)


  2. I'm visiting from the link up and the erin condren planners are so worth it! I ordered one last year for this year and will be ordering another one for 2013! :)

  3. I totally geeked out over the new planners. I LOVE mine! Can't wait to order one.

    That is, hands down, one of my favorite Taylor Swift lyrics. And I love an awful lot of her lyrics.

    We were just talking about how Magic Mike needs to be in 3D in the office!

  4. Love the Magic Mike ecard. So funny. I was just saying that exact thing to some of my friends. I am debating on the calendar. Why do you like it so much? It is really expensive so I am scared I wouldn't use it for spending $50 on it.


  5. YES yes yes yes. I cannot cannot wait for Magic Mike :)