Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Little Of This and That

I have a lot of random pictures from my camera that did not warrant their own post, so here we go with kind of a "catch all" post, so bear with me!

Who knew that Katie would be so obsessed with the playmat!?  She loves to play on it, turn its music on...I have to get onto her and remind her that it is Jack's and that she can play with him on it - I think the newness has started to slowly wear off at this point though!
 Jack has been quite the party animal - baby showers and bridal showers and engagement parties!  Here we are before heading to a bridal shower for a friend.
 He got to wear a little smocked outfit...he will probably kill me one day for dressing him like that :)
 And Miss Priss has been doing GREAT with her swim lessons!  We ended up deciding to do some more in hopes that she could float on her back and do better with kicking and leaning forward in the water.  Yesterday, she had a swim lesson and we got to have a girls' morning!  Brad's mom came to stay with the dude so that she and I could swim and have a picnic lunch fun!
 Yes - another outfit he will probably make fun of one day.  But look at that smile!  And it was too hot to put a little shirt on underneath, so he was a redneck, classy baby!
 He is starting to really pay attention to his little toys on his carrier - glad we have something else to distract him with when need be!
 Katie got to help bathe Jack last week and really enjoyed it!  She liked rinsing the shampoo off his head and helping get his body wet to bathe.  Such a good helper!
 Oh, the smiles.  I just love them.  And now he is starting to make little laugh noises!  Here is a sweet smile for momma (and I love that gown...Brad didn't care for it because he thought it was like a dress...)!
 And I think this is one of his coy faces...sometimes he will just smile with the left side of his mouth...and I love it!  So cute :)  Maybe he does it when he thinks I am being silly...
 And cooperation for a picture of them matching!  I love those crab outfits - and the color combination!  Katie's shorts are more like bloomers and look just adorable on her!

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  1. Girl time is so good! Anika and I had our Girls Day this week and we had so much fun.

    I adore that gown and those matching outfits. Too cute!!