Thursday, August 9, 2012

Outside Fun With Friends

After Katie's swim lesson on Monday, we went out to my friend Kara's house to visit and let the kiddos play!  It was so fun - when we got there, the kids ate lunch and then we shoo-ed them outside to play.  And Katie and Carter played outside for almost FOUR HOURS.  They played on their swingset and then picked some corn and shucked it and washed it and then picked tomatoes that were ripe.  It was so nice to send them outside and be able to see out the window to keep an eye on them!  And they did great playing together!  Of course they came in to go potty, get a drink, get a cookie (which Kara makes amazing chocolate chip cookies), and cool off for a few minutes.  I think we will have to do that again soon - that's what kids are meant to outside until they're worn out!  

Here are some pictures of Katie and Carter!
 And while they played outside, Kara and I were on baby duty.  Somehow I didn't get any pictures with  Kaylin in them (her middle kiddo), but we did snap this right before we left.  These two are only 9 days apart! So cute.  So while the "big kids" played outside, we fed babies, changed babies, rocked babies...and of course, ate cookies :)
Can't wait to do that again!


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