Monday, August 6, 2012

Roommate Reunion 2012

What a fun weekend!  It was so great to see Robyn and Justin - it had been WAY too long (like almost 2 and a half years) since we had seen eachother!  They got in Friday and we went to dinner and then came home and visited and watched the Olympics!  Saturday was full of sun, relaxation, and then a girls' night.  Ashley, Andrew, and Avery came over and all of us went to the pool - it was great!  Here is a picture that Robyn took - Jack and I aren't in it either because I was feeding him...
 During the afternoon, we all had quiet time and napped/relaxed!  Then it was time for the ladies to get ready and head out to a fun dinner.  We waited out on the patio of a fun restaurant and then got seated inside and ate some AMAZING food.  After we finished at that restaurant, we headed to a bar that many college students frequent - and BOY did I feel old!  We got there around 9 and left around 10 - ha!  I may or may not have visited that establishment a few times over the years...and I have never seen it that "dull" - though it definitely was filling up with folks as we left.
 I love these girls - it was so fun to laugh about our days living together in Auburn.  But it was also fun to talk about jobs and friendships and kids and all that jazz.  I think it is safe to say we are grown ups! :)  Hard to believe we've all known eachother for about 10 years!
 One of our traditions at Auburn was taking double chin pictures, serious pictures, silly face pictures, etc.  Basically any excuse to be a goofball!  So we had to take some time and do some self portraits.  Too funny!
I can't wait to plan our next gathering - and hopefully SOON!  We did discuss planning a trip to Vegas once we all turn 30...oh boy...