Monday, August 27, 2012

Food Trucks + A Wedding

Saturday was such a fun day!  It was a lazy morning for sure - but then we got ready and walked to the neighborhood pool.  A couple area food trucks had set up shop there and I had been wanting to try them both for a while (and luckily, the two that were there were literally the two I have been "stalking" to see if they ever are near us - and they ended up in our neighborhood together!).  The Grilled Cheeserie has gourmet grilled cheeses - and the ones we got were absolutely amazing!  And then Blue Monkey Shaved Ice was great too!  I had been craving a sno cone since I was pregnant with Jack and finally got a good one!  I had a Tigers Blood one - coconut and strawberry...yummmm.  Just thinking about it makes me want another one right now!  After we finished up, we ventured home - and got stuck in the rain.  It was so fun - I hope they come back so we can walk there again!
And then it was time to get ready for a friend's wedding!  I was excited to get to dress up and have an adult night out.  The wedding was nice (and at a beautiful church) and the reception was straight out of a movie.  It was stunning - and the food was great...the music was great! 
Me and Brad before we headed out
The setting of the reception - it was held at the symphony here...absolutely beautiful! 
Us with our neighbors - so fun to have a night out without kiddos!
The happy couple!  I saw this picture on Facebook and love it...and isn't their cake beautiful??  Congrats to them!


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