Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy August - I can't believe it is nearing the end of summer...some schools start back this week around here and that is just hard to believe!  I know I've been busy lately, but it really seems that time has flown by.  I got to thinking the other day...and it hit me that in two years, Katie will be heading to KINDERGARTEN!  WHOA!  That is crazy.  Whew.  Not that I've gotten that out there, here's what I'm loving today!
 I'm LOVING watching the Olympics!  I know, I know...I am sure the majority of folks are enjoying having something entertaining on to watch to (along with cheering on the USA)!  I saw this somewhere and thought it was hilarious!  We certainly are not participating in this, but I am sure there are folks out there that are :)
 I'm LOVING this lip balm by Christian Dior.  I actually saw it on Pinterest, and then a friend bought some and loved it, so I am trying it too!  It goes on really thick and smooth (plus has SPF 15) and feels great.  And the neat part?  It looks different on each person!  Apparently it has something that makes it turn a color based on the person's chemistry.  It looks pink on me and I love the pop of color!
 I'm LOVING crepe myrtles!  Speaking of pop of color - I love that they bloom later in the summer and are so vivid!
 I'm LOVING that football season is just around the corner!  Maybe that means it will cool off soon.  Whew!  Oh, and I can't wait to go to the Vanderbilt vs Auburn game in October.  War Eagle!
 I'm LOVING that Katie's imagination has just taken off.  She plays by herself so well these days - and a lot of the time it is pretend!  Here are a few pictures I have taken recently - she curled up with Sadie to use her laptop...adorable!  And then she was using that box as a car and the pink plate as a steering wheel!  And she has been "working" a lot - which often requires using our office (please excuse the mess...we clearly do not spend much time in there).  I moved her princess tent yesterday and am going to set her up her own office.  Another post to come soon with that!
I'm LOVING all the smiles I get from this sweet boy.  He is such a great baby and seems to be growing every single day!
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  1. Ohh, I gotta try that lip balm!! Thanks for the rec!

  2. I'm also loving that football season is right around the corner!! Tennessee kicks off in 30 days. :)