Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Babies + Amazing Friends

A few weeks ago we got some of the cutest things in the mail from some friends!  It was a baby gift for Jack and a big sister present for Katie...she had gotten some cute outfits and hand-sewn their initial on the outfit.  It is hard to tell with the lighting in these pics, but they are adorable!  When Katie opened the present, she took her shirt off and wanted to wear her new outfit immediately!

Something else that I've wanted to mention in a post is how blessed we are with all of the support we have had since Jack was born.  We had so many friends and family bring us dinner (which was a HUGE relief!) and bring cute, special things for Jack (and even sometimes for big sis, too)!  Right now I am looking at a list of thank you notes I've still got to write - there are 17 people on there!  And that is after having written that many already I think!  Wow - thank you to everybody for your support and love.  We definitely feel it!  I feel like we are sort of getting into a routine now.  I know it will change in a couple of weeks once Katie starts preschool, but for now, we are doing well and enjoying all of our time together!


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