Sunday, August 26, 2012

Friday Fun

We had a fun morning Friday!  We got up (and Katie actually slept in some!) and went over to the neighbors' house and they had made waffles and eggs for breakfast (and I had coffee too - definitely a treat)!     The girls played outside for a while and then we decided to take a walk.  We headed to the playground in our neighborhood and let the girls romp around.  The boys were great and slept the majority of the time!  After a while, we trekked home.  I actually lost my cell phone on the way back and had to retrace our route and thankfully found my phone!  Whew!  It was such fun to get to play with them in the morning - and it is amazing how the girls are in such a better mood when fresh in the mornings as opposed to exhausted in the evening :)  Jill had taken the day off from work since her sister got married this weekend, so we definitely took advantage and had fun!
Here are the kiddos!  Katie was so excited to go to Stella's house in her jammies - and then get to go to the playground!  And there are the boys fast asleep! 
And in the big sister class we went to, they said all kids attempt to breastfeed a babydoll if their mom is breastfeeding.  Katie had never tried that...until the playground.  And she was so serious about it! Hilarious.  Oh, and another first at the playground...peeing in the woods.  She said she needed to go potty and there aren't bathrooms there, so I helped her squat near the woods.  She was so proud and wanted to tell everybody about peeing in the woods.  


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  1. Breastfeeding her doll and peeing in the woods! SO funny! I love Katie so much, she is hilarious! Give both kiddies a squeeze from me! Hahah!