Friday, August 3, 2012


This weekend will be a fun one no doubt!  I have talked about these ladies before for sure - we were college roomies!  I lived with these ladies my sophomore and junior years at Auburn.  And boy did we have fun.  Ashley ("Blondie") and I live in the same neighborhood, so that makes it super fun.  And Robyn has lived in Denver since college - that is, until now.  They are making a big move to Florida and are stopping here for the weekend - YAY!  I haven't seen Robyn (and her husband - who was our neighbor in college) since they got married in April 2010!  They get to meet Katie and Jack for the first time too.  What fun!  

Here we are at an Auburn football game in college...
 And eating at Niffer's in Auburn...
 At my rehearsal dinner!
 At Blondie's wedding
 At Robyn's wedding
I am sure we will watch some Olympics...and get some pool time...and then on Saturday night, we are headed to a fun girls' dinner together!  Watch out, Nashville! :) Can't wait to be reunited!  Happy Friday!