Monday, August 13, 2012

Never Say Never

"I will never drive a minivan." Yes - I uttered those words.  And, well, I was wrong.  That's right - as of Saturday, we are the proud owners of a 2012 Honda Odyssey!  Whew!  It is super nice and makes more sense than an SUV at this stage of life - can hold 8 people, when all the seats are out, can fit something 4'x8', easy for kids to get in and out of, navigation, DVD player, etc!

Why now?  Well, the service engine light came on in Brad's car, plus it didn't pass inspection (because of the light, I think).  And it would have been more money to fix that it was worth.  So, we headed out to go car shopping!  Here is Brad with his 2002 Nissan Maxima with over 200k miles on it - the car definitely had a good life.
And after all the price haggling and all that (which I cannot stand), here is our new ride in the driveway!  So, I will be driving this, and Brad will be driving what was my car.
Here we are with our new car!  The vehicle on the right is what I drove home from the dealership - it had been since 6:45 that morning (about 7-8 hours) since I had fed Jack and I thought I would explode!  When I pumped (the minute I got through the door), I got 11 ounces!!!!  We got there, test drove, talked numbers, signed our life away with all the forms, and then had to wait for it to be cleaned.  Whew - long day!
 Here we are again with our van!
 Yep...never say never.  That's me in the driver seat.  Of a minivan.
 And a family picture with the new ride.  I know that we will learn to love it as we learn all the features.  Of course Brad had to sit in it and play with the buttons as soon as we got it home :)  Which is fine with me - we have the garage door buttons programmed, as well as our phones through the bluetooth!
And we got 3 months free XM radio - the first song that was playing when I drove it the first time?  An Ace of Base song on the 90's station thankyouverymuch.  And the very back seats flip back (for watching soccer games...and tailgating, I pointed out) and there is an electrical outlet...for the blender when tailgating ;) Loving the bells and whistles!  And Katie has not used the DVD player/headphones yet, but I am sure she will want to live in the van once she does!


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  1. So jealous! I've been wanting a minivan for a few years now!