Friday, August 24, 2012

SUYL: Laundry Room

It is time for another post for the Show Us Your Life series over at Kelly's Korner!  This week, the room is the laundry room!  And I actually caught ours looking somewhat decent (I admit that I did throw a pile of Jack's dirty clothes into the washer so they wouldn't be in the picture).  I think my favorite feature of the laundry room are the cubbies we had done.  I have little letters to spray paint and hang on the canvas bins so each person has their own spot.  We also have the "art closet" in the laundry room - it needs some attention and re-organization for sure, but there it is!  When you walk in from the garage, you have to go through the laundry room/mud room to get into the kitchen. Oh and I do love that we have a utility sink in there as well.  It is nice to have a "dirty sink" (or a place to rest the baby bathtub)! 
We do want to "fix up" the laundry room.  That project will wait until our washer and dryer need replacing though.  When that happens, we will get front-loaders for sure.  And then we want to get a granite countertop done, cabinets or better shelving installed (so that we better use that space), and a nicer looking sink installed.  Oh and we want to repaint in there - a serene color for sure...maybe a nice gray.   
I find lots of inspiration on Pinterest (of course) and thought I'd share that.  I  love that quote on the wall.  And the idea of installing a bar next to cabinets is genius!  I like the organized feel of that top right picture.  And that picture under the hanging bar is an open space where each family member has their own laundry basket - love that!  On the bottom right, I think finding a hiding place for all the brooms and cleaning items is pretty smart too.  And that is an example of how nicely organized cubbies can be.  One day we will get there.  It will be great when the kids get older - they will have their space to put their bookbag and papers and all that!  And under that is the laundry room with a TV.  That would definitely make folding clothes (on our granite countertop) more entertaining!  And I also like that lost and found art for the wall for socks, etc!  Would definitely be cute!  One other idea I had for the laundry room on that wall between the washer/dryer and the cubbies is to do a family command center with a calendar, list of chores, paper organization, etc.  Sounds pretty lofty, huh!  I am hoping our washer and dryer make it for a while longer (especially since we just bought a minivan and want to build a deck still), but I can't wait to do a nice laundry room (which will hopefully make me want to do laundry)!  I can't wait to see what ideas everyone else has!  Happy Friday!



  1. Hi, got to you through Kelly's Korner. Just wondering where you got your cubbies. I need them!!

  2. I'm stopping by for a visit from Kelly's Korner today.
    I love your re-do ideas. And Pinterest is one of my daily stops.
    I would love an utility sink in a laundry room. Perhaps the next place we live will have one.