Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jack: Two Months

He is still doing a great job!  I am trying to pay attention to the schedule he sets for himself during the day, but I'm trying not to push it too hard.  I want him to be able to be flexible so we can still get out and do what we need to do when Katie is back in Mother's Day Out.  With that said, he usually wakes up to eat at about 6 or 6:30 and will go back to sleep until the next feeding (about 3 hours later) and then is ready for the day!  He is going about 3 hours between feedings which is fantastic for me - I feel like that hour really makes a difference!  At night, he eats around 7:30 or so, gets fussy at 8:30, and then goes to sleep.  He will eat again around 10:30 or 11 and sleep through the night until he wakes up (around 6ish).  I am actually getting more straight sleep than I did when I was pregnant since I was up going to the bathroom every 2 hours at night!
He is now going about three hours between feedings and eating 7 times a day.  It usually takes him about 30 minutes or so to nurse (though I think he is becoming more efficient at it)!  He had a bottle last night and it was 4 ounces - he ate it all! 
At his appointment yesterday, he was 12 pounds, 1 ounce - in the 50-60th percentile! 
He was 23.5 inches - 75th percentile!  
Size Clothes
Still wearing 3 month things, though I think we may be trying 6 month sleepers soon - he is getting too long for them!  Size 3 month onesies still fit great though.
Size Diapers
Size 1!  He has worn some size 2 Huggies that fit, but we are doing size 1 Pampers the majority of the time.
Hair color
I think his hair has grown some - and it appears to still be brown!
Eye color
Still blue - but they are lightening up!  I hope they stay blue!
Looking Like
He is definitely his father's son - folks say that he is a mini Brad!  I have to say I agree.
Favorite toy
He is still loving the swing.  And now he loves the playmat too!  I put him on there when we go downstairs in the morning so I can get breakfast going, and he kicks and squirms and loves it!  I need to start putting wrist and foot rattles on and get the little mirror out for him to play with.  I have a feeling toys will start to make an appearance for him this month!
The big one I can think of is his first swim in a pool!  I'll do a post on that fun time another time. (Katie had fun, too!)
He is definitely a smiley baby - he smiles in response to us and us talking to him.  He also imitates some of our facial expressions too.  He really pays attention to voices/talking.  His neck strength is amazing.  He has really started holding up his head when we hold him lately.  And when he lays on his tummy, he turns his head back and forth.  He also has a strong grasp as he loves to hold on to things (including pulling hair)!  He makes the sweetest little sounds too - grunting, cooing, squeaking.
Anything else?
As I type this, Katie is playing with Jack and talking so sweetly - and Jack just lights up!  He sure loves his sister - and she sure loves him too.  Jack is such a layed back, happy guy.  He loves rides in the car - he falls asleep right away.  And he loves being outside - when he's in the double stroller, he looks around and eventually takes a little nap.  He appears to enjoy the water - one minute he will look all relaxed and then he will kick up a storm.  His unhappy time of day is 8:30pm on the dot.  It is absolutely amazing.  I think he is just worn out by then - so I am going to try to start swaddling him and laying him down after that 7:30 feeding and see if that helps.  His plumbing definitely works - he pees and poops all the time!  And he spits up quite a bit, but it doesn't bother him and is clearly not affecting his growth.

Here is an outtake from the little photo shoot yesterday.  I just thought it looked funny, but Brad pointed out that he is giving the finger and it looks like he's wanting to punch you with that fist up by his chin! HA!  Think he was done with the picture taking maybe? :)
 And he gave me lots of smiles once he was hanging out in his little sleeper!  What a cutie pie!
Happy 2 Months, Buster Brown!  We love you!


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