Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a fun weekend we had!  Glad I was able to do this before another weekend sneaks up on me (not that I have any problem with the fact that it is almost time for another weekend)!  We had some good, quality family time - so fun!  Friday night, after Katie went to bed, Brad and I layed on the floor with Jack for some tummy time.  After that, we rolled him over and he was SO active!  And he has been that way a couple of times a day since then!  And then Saturday morning, after we got up and ate breakfast (Brad made French Toast, which was amazing), we went on a walk through the neighborhood!  Whew - it is a good workout!  If you could see the hills, you'd understand :)  Then we went swimming (another post coming on that...let's just say that Katie is JUMPING OFF THE DIVING BOARD AND SWIMMING) with our friends.  After eating dinner, Katie helped Brad sort coins.  She did a great job and it was a good activity for her to start learning about money and how there are different types of coins!  It also helped from a counting perspective - yay math!  Since she did a great job helping, she got to keep a few of the coins and put them in her piggy bank.  She had never gotten to do this before, so she thought she was hot stuff.  She woke up Sunday asking if her money was still in her piggy bank - ha!  Brad and Katie went to church Sunday morning (we aren't taking Jack just yet - and I definitely appreciate a quiet house).  Then he headed to play golf and I took the kids to the zoo with my mom!  She hadn't been in probably 12+ years, so we were glad she could go with us!  Jack did great and Katie loved it!  She did great too - she walked the entire time!  Usually Brad is with us so she can ride on his shoulders, but not this time!  Katie was all about the goats - and then one of them tried to eat her dress!  She was less than thrilled about that.  She also, of course, loves the carousel!  The elephants were very active and cooling off in the water.  It was a great zoo trip for sure - and we were all worn out!  Hope you had a good weekend - and can't wait for another one!  
*The pictures from the weekend start on the top left and go clockwise*


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