Thursday, August 30, 2012

So Much To Do, So Little Time

There are lots of things that I really want to accomplish.  And it frustrates me that I cannot seem to complete any of these projects.  I know, I know...I should cut myself a little slack since I do have a 3 year old and a 2.5 month old.  But I am pretty bad about starting projects and not finishing them.  I have had half-made washii tape coasters on the kitchen island for a couple months.  Oh, and I have all of the supplies to make sponge balls in a bag on the island too.  And I have the fabric and cloth diapers on a table in our bedroom to make into burp cloths.  And a humongous stack of clothes that I need to enter in the online system and tag for an upcoming consignment sale.  Oops.  I need to just get my sewing machine out and give it a go.  But I certainly don't want to do it when Katie is home.  Good news?  She starts preschool on Tuesday!  Do I hear angels singing?? I think so!  She is going to love it I think - music class on Tuesdays, devotion with the other 3 year olds on Wednesday, and library time on Thursdays.  She will be going three days a week (obviously) and I think she is going to really enjoy it.  And it gives me time with little man.  I can either be productive or decide to relax and snuggle! Over the summer we've been somewhat preoccupied and I cannot wait to tackle some organizational and other projects! These include keeping Jack's baby book up to date, putting pictures in frames to display, organizing the art closet, organizing the guest room closet, organizing Jack's room (we have been just tossing things in there since he doesn't use it yet), learning to use my sewing machine, getting back into couponing, decluttering, going through Katie's toys and putting some up/organizing the rest, oh...and and EXERCISING!!!  Seems I've got my work cut out for me, huh!  We shall see how this goes.  For now, I'm looking forward to Brad having a 4 day weekend...and THE FIRST WEEKEND OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! So exciting.  War Eagle!


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