Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Art With Cee Cee

Yesterday we headed to my mom's house to let Katie do some art with her!  It is always a real treat for Katie to get to go do art AT Cee Cee's house - she loves to be creative!  When we got there, she was thrilled to see a GIANT box - she took all the paper out and colored the outside.  She said it was going to be her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV (quite the imagination, huh!).  And then she turned it over and sat in it and colored a bunch.  Please excuse the blur of her hand...she was an artist at work :)
 While Cee Cee got some lunch ready, she gave Katie a deck of Go Fish cards and asked her to match up the numbers.  Katie quickly figured out the backs were all the same, so she decided to "match them up" according to what was on the back.  Pretty smart if you ask me!
 And then she did blocks and made block necklaces.  Please pardon the lack of makeup and quality of picture.  I think it is definitely time for me to invest in some wrinkle repair lotion.  For more on that, visit my friend Melinda's post from today.  Here is me with my girl and our necklaces.  Cute!
Katie asks to do art at Cee Cee's house at least 3 times a week, so this was so fun for her!  And it let me sit back and relax just a little bit too - no complaints from me!!

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