Friday, January 27, 2012

Much Better!

Thanks for all of the well wishes for our sweet girl!  She was MUCH better yesterday...thank goodness!  I did end up keeping her home from school (as I mentioned previously) - didn't want to risk getting the call to come get her or risk her catching something else while her little immune system was trying to catch up!  So we had a fun day of relaxing and going to Target - our home away from home!  And of course, the day she needs to stay home, I have three calls scheduled for work! AH!  But it worked out just fine - Katie was a sweet, sweet girl!  After "quiet time", we went to meet my friend Tanja for some yogurt and to  much fun!  Katie just adores her - she would only let Tanja take her to the bathroom...a-okay with me!  And a big thank you to Tanja for being so patient :)  And then Brad got back in town - HOORAY! 

After we got home from the yogurt outing, Katie was playing with her toys and then she ate dinner.  I decided to get out the fancy schmancy camera again and play with it some more. 

Katie would only cooperate if Sadie was in the picture! Love this collage...
 And then this goofy girl...she was loving playing with the water bottle Tanja gave her!
 And her first braid!  Tanja french braided her hair and it is ADORABLE!!  Doesn't she look so old from the back?!  Unacceptable...
 I thought she looked pretty old while sitting at the table eating her dinner too.  Hard to believe she will be 3 years old just about 3 months from now!!
 And after dinner, she just had to do some singing into her microphone.  Look at those knockout baby blues...I love that she got my eyes!
Happy Friday!!

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  1. Oh, she does look like she's feeling better. It looks like Sadie's doing some help in the cuddling department as well!

    We're giving away a little freebie for our Pay It Forward Friday post and given the kindness of many of your posts, we think you'd enjoy playing along. Feel free to come play, enjoy and share...all hoping your little braided one is feeling much better.