Monday, January 30, 2012

Momma's Little Helper

Last night, some friends came over for dinner, so I was doing some cooking.  Katie wanted to help, so she finally got to wear her apron she got for Christmas! So cute - and she loved it!  I think she makes a cute little chef.  And the food turned out so yummy (recipes to come on Friday)!  I also love that maybe, just maybe, my new lens makes it easier for Brad to take pictures with my nice camera - the quality of the pics is just so much better! 

In other news, my little sous-chef had to go to the doctor yesterday - yes, our pediatrician's office even has hours on Sunday!!  She woke up at 4:30 saying her ear hurt.  I LOVE that she can tell us what hurts!!  I don't like that it ended up being a double ear infection, but so glad we could get it taken care of and get antibiotics going as soon as possible!  She is feeling much better and slept til 8:15 this morning (and proceeded to get up, go pee-pee TWICE, and change into big girl panties - Brad caught the tail end and helped her with the panties, but I'm so proud she is doing those things on her own!)  Happy Monday!

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