Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing In The New Year: Pajama Style

This year, we rang in the new year at one of our friend's house!  I have been friends with Tanja since Kindergarten...amazing!  She and her sister have a house, and they decided they wanted to have a party.  I was especially thrilled because it was a pajama party!  Hellooooo, comfortable clothes!  And Katie was invited too...she was the only little one there and she did great!  I'm so glad she is such a social butterfly :) She actually stayed up past midnight - she thought she was so special!  And I'm happy to report that she slept in til 10:15 that morning!  Here are some pictures of the fun....

Tanja's boyfriend, Nick, brought back a bunch of Disney movies from home over Christmas...Katie was so excited to play with them!
 Me, Katie, & Tanja
 They set up a photo booth in the much fun!  We had to go on and get our picture taken before things got crazy.
 And Tanja and Nick decided to join in too!
 And of course, Tanja and I had to get a picture together!
And Katie too!  Love that!
 Katie was sitting with Sina and they decided to do a kissy face it!
 The adults were playing flip cup and Katie wanted in on the fun too!  Oh my....
 And then the Wii was brought out...the dance are Tanja and Nick dancing! Hilarious!
 HAPPY 2012!!!
 Brad and I toasting!  And yes, I did enjoy about half a glass of champagne at midnight...yum!
Our family celebrating!
 Our family cheers-ing!
 And me and Brad....still loving the pajama theme!
 Katie looks awfully chipper for it to be about 12:15 here!  She also loved drinking water out of the water bottle!
 Nick, Tanja, Brad, and fun!
 And Katie was out...she fell asleep in the car (obviously)!

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  1. Sooo sweet! She is such a cutie! What a fun New Year's Eve - Happy 2012!