Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Funday

Yesterday, we headed to our local science center for the first time - and we met some friends there!  I had bought a membership last fall because they were half off - can't beat that!  And when we got there, my friend and her two boys got in for free with my family membership! Added bonus! 

I also want to mention that Katie went....wait for it....wearing BIG GIRLPANTIES!!! Yep, she's doing pretty well with that whole thing - and she actually asks to wear them now!  We did go to the bathroom about 5 times while we were there, but she did great! YAY!

I was a little uncertain as to if they would have activities that would be appropriate for Katie and my friend's oldest (a few months older than Katie), but they had a BLAST!!  Some of the activities were a bit advanced, but they enjoyed trying to figure it out and putting their own spin on it! :)  I actually took my nice camera (as opposed to relying on my iPhone camera, which I am way guilty of as of lately), so here are some pics of our adventure!
 {look at that intense concentration!}
{she loved all of the computer screens}
 {I know this picture is blurry, but I have a story...I thought she would love seeing a big tooth to brush because she loves brushing her teeth.  When I told her what it was, she tried to brush her own teeth with that huge brush...oh my}
 {Katie and my friend's oldest son playing on a big machine - not sure they knew what it was for, but they loved pressing the buttons!}
 {...and Katie playing with the younger of the brothers!  He turns 1 today!}
 {In a different section, they had this water table where you could set up veins and arteries and see how blood and oxygen flow!  Katie thought it was just a water table and LOVED it!}
 {I'm pretty sure she could have played on the water table for hours...}
 {they also had an ambulance set up for kids to explore!  Katie just loved sitting in the chairs and pretending to drive!  This was as close to a smile we got...}
 {And back to the water table we went...}
 {She took something to the top to watch it go all the way to the bottom - I love her trying to see it!}
 {Crazy driver coming through!!}
 {Katie & Bode...they could totally pass for siblings, don't you think?? They were loving the ambulance!}
{They also loved this - there were levers to operate each huge finger to hit the big ball with!  I think this one could've been my favorite...}

Hope you have a great weekend!

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