Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Yo, yo, yo!! It's Wednesday! And you know what that means? It's What I'm Loving Wednesday time! So fun...wanna participate?  Jump on over {here}!

I'm LOVING how fun this!  I found this idea on Pinterest (can you tell I'm obsessed with it, especially now that I have the app on my phone??) and Katie LOVED IT!  We actually have done it twice now - and the second time we put bubbles in the tub with the light sticks....pretty neat.  And that's all it is - light sticks in the tub - and then you can turn the lights out (if your  kiddo will let you) and play with them in the water!  They have them cheap at Michael's and I actually saw some in the dollar bin at Target last week!
I'm LOVING these boots - aren't they amazing?? I've never owned a pair of cowboy boots (even though I live in the country music capitol of the world) and just love these.  I wore a friend's pair this summer for a little while and can't stop thinking about them.  But there's a problem.  What's that you ask?  They are $350!!!! Sheesh - I have never ever payed that much for anything - my wedding dress didn't even cost that much!!! Hoping I can find a pair of knock-offs....wish me luck!
I'm LOVING having Katie's purses organized! This towel rack came from TJ Maxx and is hanging on her closet door - she loves looking at them from her bed!  And I think it is just so cute - and ORGANIZED!!
I'm LOVING that I finally transitioned into the purse that I bought almost 2 years ago!  Gosh I had so much crap in my old purse - it felt good to throw all that away and use a new, pretty, blue purse!
What are YOU loving today??


  1. Love the glow stick idea! I just bought some of those yesterday so I can try it with my boys!!
    And I love those boots! SO cute!!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. We did the glow stick thing last week and CJ loved it. We will definitely have to try it with bubbles!

  3. Oh, the glow stick thing seems like too much fun! Love it!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  4. Now that's a fun way to take a bath! :)