Friday, January 13, 2012

First Snow!

Yesterday, there were predictions for some white precipitation!  And they were RIGHT!  It snowed - and it actually snowed the amount they predicted, which was a dusting - 1/2"!  Katie was so excited, and she even asked to get her sled out!  I was impressed that a) she remembered that she got a sled for Christmas, and b) she knew what sled was for!  She had fun running in it and watching Sadie root around in it for sure.  And then we got cold and came inside :)  Here are a few pics I snapped....

Katie and Sadie checking out the snow falling outside
 She was excited to see the snow!  I think she was pretty thrilled to wear her Hello Kitty hat from Santa too :)
 She wanted to slide and ride in her car, but she realized that she would get her clothes wet, so she opted not to (and I definitely appreciated that too)!
 And Sadie...she LOVES the snow!  She was rooting around in it, doing flips down the yard, and running figure eights in the yard!  She was the most excited about going outside!
Stay warm! And Happy Friday!

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  1. oh, i love the snow! we had a snow yesterday. my husband and i walked around for a few minutes but then we got cold and came inside (funny how that happens!)