Thursday, January 12, 2012

Current Katie-isms

  • She likes to pretend shop - and it is always for balloons and leaves.  She carries a play grocery basket into the laundry room, stops at the door to the closet in there, and "picks up" the things she needs!
  • She also has started giving pretend presents.  She gave me one the other night at bedtime and said it was a ball for us to play with the next day.  So sweet!
  • She is into singing things - a lot.  She will sing her sentences to me.  Or respond in song.  Not sure why, but I think it is hilarious!
  • She is really into her pants having pockets.  She doesn't put anything into them, but she likes to stick her thumbs on the edge (kinda like I picture a cowboy doing it).  Also, this morning when she was getting up, she was looking for her pockets in her pajama pants.  She asked where they went after not being able to find them and I explained that pajamas don't usually have pockets.  She then told me that Daddy took them.  Oh my.
  • We ate at Chick Fil A with our neighbors last night (I had NO IDEA kids eat free!) and when we left, she said "Katie likes Chicken Away!"
  • That point brings up the fact that she ALWAYS speaks in the third person!
  • When Brad and I are communicating about something that we don't want Katie to catch onto (like going to the park, for instance), we will spell the word "park".  Well, now Katie has started saying, "Katie wants W-X-E-A-I-S-P!!!"  She just throws random letters out there.  Again - hilarious (at least to me).
  • She has sat still long enough to watch a movie!  We watched Finding Nemo this afternoon and she sat for the whole thing.  And when it was "scary", she wanted to hold my hand.  I definitely wasn't complaining!
  • She calls people Sugar Bear sometimes because that's what I call her!

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