Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's Wednesday again!  And you know what that means!  It's time for the weekly edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday!  And it also means that there are only 2 days left until the weekend! 

I'm LOVING that this is a short work week - it lets Brad (and me and Katie) ease back into some sort of routine.  Luckily, I got lots done over break, so the only thing different is having to work while Katie naps (instead of doing projects or taking a nap myself)!

I'm LOVING my new Kindle Fire cover - isn't it FABULOUS!? It came in the mail yesterday and I just love, love, love it!  Now I can take my Kindle with me and read whenever I have some spare time.  I wonder if that means I will be able to read more? I guess we will see!
 I'm LOVING that Katie will come get in our bed and watch a show or two in the morning so I have time to wake up and get used to the idea of a new day :)  I also am thankful for lazy pajama days (which we had lots of over the break)!
 I'm LOVING this idea I found on Pinterest!  The idea is that you get a copy of this book and get all of your child's teachers to sign it from Pre-K all the way through 12th grade.  Then you give it to your child before the head off to college...isn't that a neat idea!?  I am going to try to buy a copy of this sometime soon and get started with the idea.  The trick will be remembering where I put it from year to year!
 I'm LOVING my Erin Condren planner.  I'll be honest - I "lost" it for a while and just found it again last night!  It was in a bag I had taken on a trip with me, so I forgot I had it!  But it will be so nice to have that - especially once Baby C comes!
 I'm LOVING this quote inside of the planner - fun fonts, fun colors, and great message!
 I'm LOVING this Pinterest find as well!  Brad and I have gone back and forth about putting a swingset out back (he doesn't want to because it won't be permanent since the kids will outgrow it one day...).  One of our things to do this year to the house is have a bigger deck built - and I love this idea! Have the slide built into the deck and have an area under it to play with - and maybe have a swing or two attached to the underside.  We shall see about this - but I do love the concept!!
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  1. Happy to find you via This Kind of Love's blog hop. I'm your newest follower and will be back to play soon.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    P.S. We think you'd like See Beautiful too!

  2. Love the Kindle cover!!

    Looks waay better than the ones I made!

  3. My little ones will hop in bed and watch sesame street while I wake up too, it's a lifesaver :) oh and I couldn't live without my erin condren planner either!

  4. visiting from the link up. i ordered an erin condren planner (a little late!) and can't WAIT for it to ship! :)