Friday, January 20, 2012

Foodie Friday: Pinterest Edition

First of all, I am LOVING Pinterest!! There are endless possibilities there!  And I especially love seeing new recipes on there that I am just dying to try.  Two of these dishes I am going to have on here are ones I actually made last week, but they are definitely worth trying!  They were delicious - and SO easy!  Right up my alley!  

Last week, I made Twice Baked Potato Casserole - the recipe can be found HERE.  It was YUMMY! I had to change the recipe just a little because I didn't cut up enough potatoes, so I just did one layer as opposed to two.  And I was a little confused as to if the potatoes needed to be cooked before baking or not, so I played it safe and boiled them first.  Looking back, I do think that was the right call!
 During the same meal, I made Sour Creme Chicken - YUM!  And ridiculously easy.  The recipe for this dish can be found HERE.  Again, super easy to make!  I'd definitely make it again!
 This was my plate before I ate the meal - we obviously had a salad as well.  And sorry for the poor picture quality - this momma was hungry!!
 And for dessert, I made these cupcakes - they have marshmallow-y/vanilla filling...YUM! And again, super easy! They are just a boxed mix you can find your local baking aisle.  I think they are called Fillables, but I could have easily made that up :)
 Earlier this week, I made Pesto Chicken.  The easiest dish ever - and the chicken was so tender and amazing.  The recipe can be found HERE - totally foolproof dish for sure!  I served it with homemade sweet potato fries (served with a sauce made of one part horseradish-wasabi sauce and two parts light mayo)!  It is making my mouth water just thinking about it!!
I hope these recipes offer some ideas for the next time you can't decide what to make - I would make any of these again!  You can't go wrong!  Happy Friday!



  1. I think we have the same food taste because I think I have all of these...I haven't tried the Sour Cream chicken, but it is on my list. Looks amazing so glad I know it really is good :)

    Also - I thought it was fitting that the word verification for this comment is "BRATOP" haha

  2. Um, YUM!?! That looks delicious. Sad that it's only 3:45 and now I'm hungry for dinner. You've certainly inspired though!

    P.S., As a mommy, we thought you'd love our post offering some helpful goodies today!

    Happy seeing beautiful!