Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Friends Time

Over the holiday break, we got to play with lots of friends!  It was so much fun - Katie definitely slept better on those days :)  On this particular day (I think it was last Friday), we went to the park with our neighbors and let the girls run around and play.  We thought it would be sunny and "warm", but it was pretty blustery.  The girls loved it though!  We have to get better about doing our weekly dinners together - the girls really missed eachother!
 And then that night we ate dinner and got ice cream with Kara and Robert and their kiddos!  We came back to our house to play and eat the ice cream - the kids had so much fun!  Here is Katie and Carter (about 7 months difference...C is older) playing on Katie's new trampoline from Santa.  They also loved running around and chasing eachother screaming through the house - silly kids!
 And while they were here, Kara and I did a belly picture together - she is pregnant with their third kiddo (and obviously me with our second)!  She is 16 weeks and I am 15 weeks in this picture...I love it!  I will be doing a belly picture and post and all that jazz later this week...I feel like my belly is definitely changing!  Stay tuned :)

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