Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend In Review

What a fun weekend we had!  The end of last week was unseasonably warm, so we took advantage of the milder temps and headed to the zoo Saturday morning!  It had been quite some time since we had gone - and apparently we picked the perfect day!  It was about 60 and overcast and the animals were loving it!  And the crowds were thin because it had rained earlier in the morning.  All of the animals were out and very visible...Katie loved it!  And this was the first time that Katie walked the whole time - we typically take the wagon for her to ride around in.  She loved running around and hitching a ride on Daddy's shoulders from time to time.  Katie said her favorite animals were the elephants!  She also loved riding on the carousel!  Here are some pictures from our adventure...
She loves brushing the goats at the petting zoo!
I swear the giraffes were posing for pictures!

After the zoo, we went and ate lunch and then headed home for naptime for Katie and some relaxing for momma and daddy!  After we got Katie up (who knows how long she would have slept after all the fresh air - I woke her up after about 2.5 hrs), we headed to a local restaurant for dinner - DELICIOUS!  And then we went and hung out with some friends - Katie thought she was super special because they let her play on their iPad!

Sunday, we got up and headed to church!  It had been a few weeks since we had been, so it felt nice to get back into that routine!  After we got home, my mom came over and we went and had brunch together and came home to start a craft project (stay tuned for that one).  After Katie woke up, she did some art with my mom before she had to leave.  And then we got ready and headed to dinner with Grandma and Granny at Chili's!  (Yes, we did eat out quite a bit this weekend - whoops!)  Here are some Sunday pictures!
Katie drew her first family photo - the top left is Daddy, top right is Katie, and bottom is Momma!
 Katie and Cee Cee also did these fun stamps for the first time!  Katie LOVED it!
She just looked so cute - and she was so proud of her Minnie shirt!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend! I know we sure did!

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