Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday Funday

It seems like our Fridays have turn into our playdate days!  And yesterday was just that - - plus a Mommy - Daughter Date for lunch, too!  Fun!  I didn't take my "nice" camera, so my iPhone pics will just have to do!

Our first stop was an indoor playground!  It is a new, local place - like the grand opening was Thursday!  It was really nice and pretty cool - literally an indoor playground with a track around it for riding tricycles and the likes.  And the bathrooms were my favorite part - they look like Port-a-Potties!  You open the door and then it takes you into a real bathroom - with a mini potty (perfect for Katie) and a mini sink!  Amazing!  We met one of Katie's best friends from her class at Mother's Day Out!  And they had a ball!
 So cute - love this one!
 I think this one may be my favorite - there is a tree house that you climb up into, and the girls were peeking down and saying hi!  SO cute!  This may have to go in a frame in her room!
 After that fun adventure, we headed to a little store that had all their sweet winter clothes marked down big time.  It was pretty picked over, and I wasn't in much of a shopping mood (very rare - have to take advantage of that!), so we walked down to a restaurant for a Mommy-Katie Date!  It was so fun, and I think Katie felt super special!
 I love that the kids' meals at this little place come with a fruit (grapes today) and goldfish.  The perfect kiddo meal!  Oh, and Mac n Cheese too!
Then we had to run a couple more errands and came home for quiet time - watching Finding Nemo again!  A very fun Friday for us - have a great weekend!

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