Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goals of 2012

I was coming up with resolutions for this new year in my head over the last few days and then I read my friend Melinda's post with her goals for 2012.  And I liked her rationale.  So, I'm going with it too!

I know I don't really HAVE to set goals (or as some may say, resolutions), but I like having things to try to accomplish throughout the year.  I agree with is a work in progress and is always changing.  So with that, I am making 2012 Goals!
 Here are some goals that I have set for this going-to-be-oh-so-wonderful year of 2012:

1) Blog every day: I know this may not be terribly realistic, especially once we have a newborn in the house, but I want to do my best to capture the realistic, day-to-day happenings of our lives!

2) Read more: I don't think I am going to give myself a certain number this year.  I know I'd like to read more this year than I did last year, but we shall see.  With my new Kindle Fire, I think it will make this goal a little easier - I am already on my second book this year!

3) Read the Bible everyday: Even if it is just a few verses, I want to do better about having quiet times in God's Word each day.

4) Find a Sunday school class: This is a bit of a carry-over from last year.  But it is still important to me!

5) Stay in shape (or get back into shape): I am going to try to not gain as much with this pregnancy, which will hopefully allow getting back into shape to be a bit easier.

6) Be crafty: Pinterest is inspiring me to be crafty and to continue to try more recipes!  I want to do a Pinterest project once a month (reasonable, right?).  Since I got my sewing machine for Christmas, I'd like to learn some basic, fun baby things and make them before June!

7) Save money at the grocery store: Does this mean hardcore couponing? Not sure.  I, at least, want to cut out coupons from the inserts each week - every bit of savings helps!!

8) Simplify & organize: I feel like we are surrounded by stuff! I'd love to donate or repurpose or something!  Maybe a project a month?  We will see!

9) Send family and close friends a birthday card in the mail: I always intend to send birthday cards to our family and friends when their birthdays roll around, but I usually forget or it is too late.  This year, I'm going to try to do better!

10) Be a better wife and momma: I think there is always room for improvement here.  Patience is likely the key to success.
I hope I can say that  I did a super job working on my goals (and hopefully even accomplishing them) this year.  Even if there are too many...or if they are too lofty, I want to capture the real things I hope to do this year!  I don't know if I will do monthly updates like last year, but I will definitely be sharing how I am doing with each one of these - once they are written and made public, it definitely holds me more accountable!

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  1. Good goals, lady! You can totally achieve them all... You're a superhero. =)