Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fancy Schmancy Lens

I am SUPER excited that I have a fun, new lens to play with and take even more pictures! YAY!  And even better, is barely used (like 500 pics maybe) and I got it on eBay for like half the retail price.  Nice!  I wanted to play with it a little Friday night after I discovered that it had arrived.  Here are some comparison pics between the lens the camera came with and my new lens....

Old Lens - Zoomed Out
 Old Lens - Zoomed In
 New Lens - Zoomed Out
 New Lens - Zoomed In
I am so, so excited to have a lens that allows me to get even closer to objects!  I was standing in the same place across the kitchen taking these pictures, so it definitely is a good indication of the difference in zoom.  It seems that zoomed in on the old lens is similar to the zoomed out on the new one! Love it!

The next morning, I, of course, was eager to play with it again.  Here are a few pics of Katie from across the room - she was about to eat breakfast!  I love that I can get her face and not actually be in her face! 
 A little blurry because she is always in motion, but love that smile!!
I can't wait to really use this lens! Wonder who will let me take pictures next?? I think I may try to take some of Katie and our neighbor Stella in their matching Little Honeybee outfits sometime this afternoon - should be fun!

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