Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Day Yesterday

Hello, Winter!  And hello to the colds that come along with the temperatures going up and down (and most kids having the sniffles)!  I am so lucky that Katie is a healthy girl overall - she just seems so pitiful when she's under the weather!  She had been coughing a little the last few days and then Tuesday afternoon she had a really runny nose.  She woke up yesterday morning with snot literally pouring out of her nose (sorry...TMI, I know) - poor thing.  And coughing.  And sneezing.  Yuck.  So she got her very own box of Kleenex (special treat for sure)!
 And we snuggled in bed ALL DAY - except for meals, of course!  We watched shows and movies and read books.  That is most definitely the only plus to a sick one - snuggling!
 You can tell in her eyes that she was most definitely not feeling chipper.  And her cheeks were flushed and chapped from her nose running (and continually wiping it)!
 And then after lunch, she actually fell asleep.  That NEVER happens - she usually thinks she's going to miss out on something!
She also had a low-grade fever of about 100 degrees throughout the afternoon and evening.  Luckily, she is fever-free today and seems to be feeling MUCH better!  She isn't even saying she needs to blow her nose! I did keep her home from Mother's Day Out, but that was only precautionary.  She must have needed some sleep because she went down by 7:30 last night and slept until 9:00 this morning!

**I also want to add - she was accident-free, even though she didn't feel good! And I left her in a Pull-Up for the day in case she fell asleep in my bed.  No accidents though! YAY!


  1. Aw! Poor girl. Hope miss Katie feels better soon!

  2. Poor thing! Chloe Jo has been sick this week, too.