Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Randoms

I had a few pictures from this weekend so far - I decided to just do one post inclusive of all of them! Yesterday, we did a whole lot of nothing.  The highlight was an impromptu date night for me and Brad!  We ate dinner at one of our favorite places in downtown Franklin and then we were going to go see a movie.  As usual, we got to the theater and the movie sold out just minutes before we got to the ticket window.  So what did we do instead? What we always do! Go to Target!  We just walked around and I bought a book so I can do a Pinterest-inspired idea. 

This was Katie as we were getting ready.  See? She's still in jammies - shows how relaxing our day was!  I think this is hilarious - she's wearing some of my heels (low heels) and using a shopping bag as a purse.  Oh dear.
 This morning, we overslept for the church service we typically go to, so we decided to go to late service.  Here is Miss Priss in the car on the way.  So coordinated!
 And yesterday, I just felt like my belly was huge.  I had Brad take my picture before we left for dinner last night.  Seeing this picture makes it looks a little less big than I thought, but I definitely feel like I've grown.  I am 17 weeks in this picture.  And I was excited to get all of my maternity things out this week - hooray for pants other than jeans!  And for shirts other than the same rotation of the 4 I grabbed out a few weeks ago!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I know we will :)

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