Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Fun: Fair Time

Monday night, after we all had quiet time, we headed to a little fair in the area.  Katie had been asking to go since she first saw it - you could see the ferris wheel from the interstate! She got so excited when I told her we were going to go - and with Stella too!  Katie had only been on rides once and this was a first for Stella, so we were really interested to see how it would go!

Needless to say, it was a success!  The girls loved the kid rides - and it was good that they could ride together on most of them.  The elephants was the first ride that they did - they loved it!
And Katie was enamored by the ferris wheel.  Unfortunately, she wasn't tall enough to ride - even with an adult.  You have to be 42 inches tall to say she was disappointed is an understatement!  She is still asking why she couldn't ride and the follows up asking when she will be able to!
Of course the girls loved the carousel too - Katie said it was just like the one at the zoo!
And this was about as cooperative of a picture I could get.  She was having too much fun and was pretty tired too.  This was just after she and Jill went on a kid roller coaster.  It appears I have a daredevil on my hands...she absolutely loved it!  When they would go down the inclines, the expression on her face was just priceless!  I think it was definitely her favorite.  And I'm so glad we went with them - I couldn't really go on any of the rides because of the growing belly, so it was great that there were other adults to take Katie on the ones she needed company on!
Look how sweet...I just love this!  Holding hands while trying to find the next ride!
I think this was the ride with spinning bears...they didn't ride on it, but clearly Katie was curious!
They also rode on the bulldozer looking things - I think they were trying to figure what on earth was going on in this picture!
And Baby Hank was awake the whole time just looking around!  There was definitely a lot to look at with all of the bright lights.  And he kept be company when the others were on rides :)
These girls LOVE to dance.  We were walking to the next ride and one of the big rides was playing a fun song - and they loved it!  I think this is just precious!
And they did the great big slide too...and as you can tell, I couldn't do that either.  Katie said she would not do it along, so she rode with Lewis and Stella rode with Jill.  So fun!
And there is a cute family picture! 
And me and Katie - Brad wasn't home from playing golf when we left to get Wendy's and head to the fair, so it was just me and Katie.  He will definitely have to go next time (even though he isn't a big fan of all that stuff)!
What a fun holiday weekend cooking out, pool time, outdoor fun, and a fair with great friends! 


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