Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Papa's Celebration

Sunday night we got together to celebrate my dad turning SIXTY!!!! His birthday was actually a couple weeks ago, but we just had the opportunity to celebrate since he was in town!  Katie got to swim with him (and Brad) and then we ate dinner!  It was nice to get to visit with him, Robbin, and my grandparents.  It was the first time they got to meet Jack!  I meant to get a picture of them with Jack (and Katie, for that matter) but did not even think of it when my camera was out!  Hopefully I can get one of them together soon.  I did get the kids with the birthday boy (or is it birthday man since he turned 60? Hm.) - here is the series of pictures.  Can you tell it was later in the evening?  Katie was a goofball - I love in the 3rd picture that Jack is looking at them wondering what on earth is going on...
Happy Birthday, Dad!  We love you!


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  1. Such cute pics!
    Happy Birthday to your Daddy!!