Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Closer Look at BC3

Today we were able to head to a local office for a fun, 4D ultrasound of sweet BC3!  We did one of these with both Katie and Jack, and it was just as fun this time around.  Both of our moms went with us (just like they did with the other two) - and it definitely made things more real!
It was amazing to see him moving around in there - and to find out what parts of him are positioned which way!  He is head down.  And he sticks his little booty out against the outside, so that would be what I feel moving around near my bellybutton!  He also had his hands and feet up by his face.  And we confirmed that he, indeed, still a boy!  It was so great to listen to that sweet heartbeat.  That sound just never gets old!
One of the shots the technician got was that he has hair!  See that whispy looking stuff?  Yes, that is hair!  Maybe that explains the heartburn? :)
 And the office we went to just recently got HD capabilities...look at that sweet face!  I couldn't get over how much he favors Jack.  It certainly makes sense since they are brothers, but wow!
 I think the similarities can really be seen here.  Cutie pie boy.
 And this is just regular 4D - still amazing!  Like I said, he kept his hands up by his face...and the cord was up by his face too!  I think he was trying to get the cord out of the way!
 And a little smirk!  His nose was getting smushed against something, so that is why it looks a little flattened.
And just for good measure, here is a comparison of all three from the fun ultrasounds!
I definitely see resemblance in all of them - pretty wild!  Seven weeks from today is go time - man, that will fly by!  Seeing his picture in there made me even more excited to snuggle him :)  And yes, a name reveal is coming soon.  I still have catching up to do - including all of Katie's birthday celebrations!