Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spirit Week, Spring Music Program, + End of the School Year

Since I hadn't done a post from spirit week or the music program, I decided to throw them all in one post!  Spirit week was the same week as teacher's appreciation week - and it was so fun!  Katie had a great time picking out things for wacky day - and I've decided it is hard to make a boy dress wacky!  With Katie, wearing mismatched clothing items, 2 different shoes, and pigtails with different bows was the way to go - and she especially loved the pigtails!
For Jack, we opted to just do different patterns of stripes.  I guess he could have worn two different shoes.  And something silly on his head.  Oh well.  It worked :)
The Wednesday of that week was cowgirl/cowboy day!  Glad Jack didn't have to dress up that day :)  Katie had a great time dressing up with the hat and bandanna and boots!
And then the Thursday of the week, the kids were supposed to wear pink or red to show their love for the teacher!  Here's Katie in her pink and red!
And The Dude sporting his pink...of course with a toy in hand!  He can typically be found with a plane, train, or car in tow!
And then Katie had her spring music program!  She couldn't wait for it - and it was a complete surprise as we hadn't heard any of the music!  It is amazing how much better she did during this program than during her first one during Fall 2012.  She participated and sang and did the movements when they had props!  And of course she was on the back row since she is so tall :)
 And an action shot!  She was having the best time!
 Here she is with Hannah Jo after the program.  Sweet, sweet girls!
 Jack loved the program!  He was mimicking the actions the kids were doing and trying to sing along - it was so cute!  He sure loves his sister!
 And here is Katie with Cee Cee and Grandma after the program - great picture of the three of them together!  Uncle Will was there too, but we somehow neglected to get a picture with him and Katie.
 We got one of us with Katie!  Love this.  And would you look at how long her leg looks? HA!  I just noticed that :)
 And I just can't get enough pictures as usual - had to do a selfie with my favorite girl!  Love her so much and am so proud of her!
 And last week, we took some pictures after school when we were playing with Annalane and Cal!  That was a tradition for us on Wednesdays and Thursdays - we will sure miss that!  At least Jack and Cal can play together next year!  They are so cute together - and so fun that they are such good buddies just like their big sisters!
 And here are Annalane and Katie (with the deer in headlights look naturally)!  Sweet girls :)
 Once we got outside, I let Jack get out of the stroller to play - he had the best time!  He is such a wild man that I usually keep him in the stroller because I can't handle chasing him and carrying school bags and all that jazz.  You may notice some girls in the background of this picture - they were playing Frozen and taking turns being Anna and Elsa!
 And we tried for a group shot - this was the best we could get.  At least they are all happy and sitting!  We may have bribed them with goldfish!
And then yesterday's post included the last day of school (with comparisons to the first day of school).  Once again, we are so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful preschool!  I love that Katie has made friends that will likely last a long time!


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