Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Big Sister Class

Saturday was the big day for Big Sister Class for Miss Priss!  We will be delivering Ryan at a different hospital, so I thought it would be good for Katie to do a "refresher course" - and for us to be able to get the little tour as well!  Here we are before heading out!  I asked Brad's mom to get a picture of me and Brad and Katie and Jack ran over and wanted in the picture!  What a ham!
 And a cropped version of the same thing!
 When we got there, they had big brother and big sister pictures for the kids to color and also gave them a bag of goodies!  Once it was go time, we watched an episode of Arthur that was about bringing home baby!
 Next, the kids got a doll and got down on the floor with the instructor!  They got to change the baby's diaper...
 ...and Daddy even got down to help!  Impressive!  And rather hilarious since the first diaper he changed was Katie's first diaper!
 She was so proud!  And then next was swaddling the baby...and then feeding a bottle.  She did such a great job!  I knew she would be a great helper, but now she has officially been "trained!"
 The next task was going on a baby hunt!  We went on a tour and the kids had to keep up with how many real babies we saw!  They got to play "dress up" for the tour - love it!
 We were ready to go see some babies!  And it was so great to be able to tour the important areas!
 Once we were headed out, Katie was so excited - she was the first one to follow the instructor to our first stop!
 And the last stop on the tour was the baby nursery.  There was only one baby in there - here they are looking at the baby!  Katie kept telling us to look when the teeny baby moved and she was impressed that it was a "real baby!"
 Once we finished, Katie wanted to eat lunch with just Mommy and Daddy :) So we went to a local BBQ place that is absolutely amazing - and we sat outside!  I had to get a pic with my sweet girl...sheesh my belly looks gigantic!
And I got one of Brad and Katie together! 
We had a great morning and I definitely feel more prepared to have Ryan there!  Not too much longer :) I guess I should start packing a bag - ya know, just in case!


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