Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Showering Baby Ryan

Let me start this off by saying that I have the best friends and family in the world!  We all had such a super time visiting and celebrating this sweet boy on the way!  And Katie was invited to this shower - she could not wait!  She asked me multiple times a day when the shower was going to happen - and she was so sweet!  Here she is when we got there.
And this was a chalkboard they had set up - so sweet!
 And some pictures of the décor!
This is one of the better pictures of me and my mom in a while - too bad my belly is huge!
And a picture of me opening some of the goodies!  Katie was a great helper and loved seeing all of the fun stuff people got for us!
And here is a sweet picture of Grandma and Katie together!
And then it was time for lots of pictures!  I need to remember that sitting down pictures aren't usually the most attractive :) But I do love these girls!
Kara, me, and Tanja!  Can't believe we have been friends for so long!
Me with the amazing hostesses!  They did such a fantastic job - it could not have been more perfect!
The FRA girls :)
And the girls!  There was lots of coral worn at the shower - love it!
And of course we had to get a picture of Katie with the girls :)  She absolutely loved being the only kiddo with a bunch of grown ups (and can I just mention how odd it is to be part of the grown up group??!  I guess I feel like I should sit at the kids table forever!).
And four generations - so special!
Me and Katie and Grandma :)
And the Bachelor girls!  During the Juan Pablo season, we got together (along with other lovely ladies) to eat dinner and catch up on the latest episodes...so much more fun to watch with friends!
And the Auburn girls!  
And I had to get a picture with Tanja and Sina and their mom! 
Love this picture of me and my favorite girl :) See?  I can say that now since she is my only daughter!
At the end, Katie wanted to help Tanja clean up - she even got down and wiped down baseboards!  Tanja got her vacuum out (super lightweight) and Katie even used that to vacuum the floors!  Tanja gave her some change to put in her piggy bank and she was ecstatic!  I took this of the two of us before we hopped in the car to go home - love it!
 I had such a great time celebrating this boy that will be here before we know it!  I actually worked on the schedule for who will be with the kids while I am in the hospital last night - that really made it feel more real!  AH!  Five weeks from Thursday...and that will fly by no doubt! 


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