Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Celebration For Ryan

Last Friday, Brad's work folks had a little baby shower for us - so incredibly sweet!  Brad and I went on a lunch date at Local Taco (delicious), and then I just sat and read my book until it was time for folks to get together!  It was so nice to have that time to just relax.
And then we got together and they had a cake and burlap banner and awesome gift basket full of essentials and a Target gift card!  Here we are with the goods before digging into the cake!
 And the vast majority of the folks in Brad's area are guys (which made it even more impressive that folks got together to celebrate Ryan)!  Here I am with the girls of the department - which of course we all know are the ones that made this happen :)  Kelly and Amanda (and sweet Elly) are such sweet girls - and they have a bunch of testosterone to put up with!
 And I wanted one more picture of me and Brad :) And he actually cooperated!  But he had put his nerd badge back on - ha!
We are so blessed to be surrounded by people that celebrate us and our family.  It was such a nice gesture and very much appreciated!  The goodies in the basket (diapers, wipes, bath wash, lotion, powder, butt cream, binkies, onesies, little blankets, the basket itself, and the gift card) were so thoughtful!  And that name banner looks awesome in Ryan's nursery!  I think it is finally finished and I can't wait to do a post about it!
Hope each of you had a fabulous and safe weekend!  More posts to come - and I think I am almost caught up! Yay!


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