Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Rest Of Our Long Weekend

It was so nice having a long weekend full of fun!  It seems like Katie asks Brad every morning if he has to go to work, so she was super thrilled that he had an extra day home with us!  So Friday, we had the baby shower at Brad's work and then Saturday morning we had Big Sister class (both of which I have already posted about)! 
Saturday evening, we went over to our friends' house to cook out and let the kids play!  It was so much fun - and their backyard is so serene!  Katie thought this chair was perfect - and then she joined the other kids playing with the water table and everything else!
Here is a cute picture of Katherine and Olivia! 
This one was a hot mess when we headed home - he had a BIG time playing in the water table and mud!  This was the best picture I could get of him - he was on the move for sure!
And I absolutely love this picture of Olivia, Katie, and Avery!  They had the best time playing together....and it is so interesting to see Katie as the oldest!
And just look at all those stripes! :)  Love this picture of Katherine, me, and Ashley!  And good gracious my belly looks gigantic here!
We had such a great time visiting with everyone - and the kids slept extremely good that night!
Sunday morning, we slept in and then Brad and Katie decided they were going to wash our cars!  So we all changed clothes and headed outside - they did the cars and Jack played with the water table and I supervised it all :)  This was Jack's first time playing with our water table!
And Katie was so serious about the washing - she had the best time!  And she did a good job!  Look at that concentration - and those muscles!
Jack did decide that he wanted to help wash the van a little bit.  They also kept finding water table toys in the bucket of soapy water :)
Look at that big boy!  He loved wearing his Thomas hat :)
And whenever Brad and Katie rinsed the cars off, it made puddles - he had the biggest time stomping in the puddles...and then he figured out that he could drive his truck in the puddle and was so thrilled!
And Sadie was out there with us too!  She loves when we get the water table out - it is like a big water bowl for her!
An action shot!  It was nice to have a clean van...though a bird pooped on it before we could move it into the garage.  Oh well!
And Brad would occasionally mess with the kids and spray them (and Sadie)...anytime he did it to Jack, he came running to me and either hid behind me or held my hand.  So cute!  I guess he knew Daddy would get in big trouble if he sprayed me, so running to me was safe!
And when they were cleaning the wheels, Jack wanted in on that too - it was right at his level!
And between cars, the kids took a juice break!  Love this - and of course Sadie had to be right there in the middle of it all!
I loved having a car wash when I was little - and it seems that Katie is the same way!  And I think Brad enjoys it still, so I am hoping it becomes a regular occurrence!
Sunday night, Katie had a slumber party at Grandma's house!  This was the outfit she picked out to put on.  Pretty cute!
Brad took Katie while Jack was napping, and when he woke up he missed Sissy so much!  He had fun hanging out with just us, but he kept asking where Sissy was.  So sweet - he is really going to miss her during the days when she starts kindergarten!
After Jack got up and Brad was home, we went back outside to play while Brad changed his air filters.  Love this picture - Jack thought he was helping Brad with the car stuff!
And I absolutely love this picture of Jack!  His hair is already looking blonder this early in the summer...and he is looking so old to me!
And Monday morning, we met Grandma and Katie at IHOP for breakfast (delicious!) and then we came home.  We are getting a new deck, and the guys came to tear down our old one...the kids thought it was so fun to watch!
Early afternoon on Monday, we headed to swim and cook out with Tanja and Nick!  Here the kids are with Tanja in the water!  It felt so great to swim.  And Katie did great jumping off the diving board and everything!
 Before we left, we of course had to get a family picture :)  This was the best even though Jack wasn't looking at the camera!  At least we were all in red, white, and blue! 
And a picture of Tanja and Nick!  They had just gotten back from Europe the day before, so I was impressed they weren't half asleep!
We had a great time seeing friends and family and then spending some time together at home.  Such a fun weekend! 


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