Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Big Name Reveal

I know you have been losing sleep over the fact that I have yet to post what BC3's name is going to be.  Ha!  I was waiting to have a few things with his name and monogram on it to take pictures of so that I could post them!  And then remembering to actually to take pictures of the items - ha!  Well, it finally happened today!
So without further discussion, here is what this sweet boy's monogram will be...
 My dad already refers to him as The Roc :)
And what will his name be?  Well, here it is!
And the full name?
Ryan Owen C******
Ryan is Irish for "little king".
Owen is Celtic for "young warrior".
I love the way it sounds...Katie, Jack, and Ryan.
And can you tell I love personalized things? HA!  Burp cloths...gown...bibs...little lovey/blanket...onesie (that I got as a gift at my shower - so cute!)...Love it all!  It is so fun to see his name on all of those goodies!
I bought the letters to paint and hang above his crib - that's actually on my to do list for this week.
So there ya have it!  Sweet Baby Ryan.  Can't believe we will get to meet him 6 weeks from tomorrow!