Monday, May 5, 2014

Katie's Birthday: Party Time

Let me just say how great it is to have Katie's party somewhere other than our house.  I cannot imagine having 20 kids at my house!  This way, we reserve and pay and then just show up with the cake and balloons and they take over and do their thing for the party!  Amazing!
Katie decided to do her party at the place where she takes gymnastics - and it ended up being perfect!  The party "hosts" were great with the kids - they were goofy and fun but also ensured everyone stayed safe and listened to their instructions.  And she picked a Sofia the First theme.  Here is the invitation that we had!
Wasn't it so cute?  I loved it - and Katie really loved it!
Here is Katie when they first got out there for the fun!
I got some good, quality action shots too - she was about to run down the trampoline here!
And here she is waiting her turn for the trampoline again!
This may be my favorite action shot!  At the end of the trampoline, they could roll onto the mat - or just jump onto it.  Clearly she opted to jump :)
This was the staging area - parents signed their kiddos in, we put all our stuff (cake and balloons), and then the gifts.  Once our room came open, they moved everything into our party room...the moving process is pictured here :)
Next was a rope swing into the sponge pit.  I wanted to do this one in a major way!
The spongepit is always Katie's favorite part!  Love this!
Next was the zipline - it also looked like so much fun!
Katie, Olivia, and Avery waiting their turns for the zipline!
And the two grandmothers at the party!  
After the zipline, it was time to climb the big inflatable slide and then slide down into the other sponge neat!
The birthday girl!  She had SO much fun!
Last but not least was the big swing.  Katie was actually scared to do this - at first she said she didn't want to have her party there because of this swing.  But she got brave and did it - and she certainly did not regret it!  I do love her expression in this one!
Still getting all strapped in to fly!  Only the birthday girl or boy gets to do this part - so special!
And then she was off! And she had a smile on her face the ENTIRE time!  They made her fly over her friends - and she was pretty high up there!
She had a blast on that swing - here she is with most of the kiddos that came!
And then it was time to head to the party room for some singing and some cake!  Here is her birthday cake!  Since she had a Sofia the First birthday theme, I thought doing the rosettes on the cake in the ombre pattern would be neat (yes, I saw something similar on Pinterest).  The colors were Sofia-ish but it wasn't over the top.  And of course we had to have a 5 on it :)
I think everyone - especially the guest of honor - was excited to have some cake!  And yes, it was leaning a little - it was in a box that it had too much room to move around in, so it shifted en route.  It still looked cute and tasted amazing though!
I think this one is my favorite one - the lights were out and I managed to get this one with my flash.  I just love her look of excitement!
And then an action shot!
One more birthday girl with her cake picture before digging in!
I think all of these cuties were ready for some cake too!
Love this close up and love the detail of the cake!
And of course we had Sofia the First plates and napkins!
And the princess balloons...
And the Sofia balloon...and of course we had to have some dots somewhere at the party! :)
Here is Katie with her friends Annalane and Hannah Jo - such sweet girls!  
And Katie with Avery and Olivia!
Tanja and Nick came to the party too!  Katie was so excited they came :)
And Katie with Stella - so cute!
And a picture of us with the birthday girl!  Jack napped at home during the party - thank goodness.  I could not even imagine chasing him around!
And then it was time to go!  I got some Sofia goodies for the girls and then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff for the boys.  I think this picture is pretty sweet - and we can call it another successful party!
And a quick picture of Katie with Grandma before heading out!  So cute - and they match!
Once we got home, it was time to open presents!  Our neighbors met us outside so she could open their present.  And then they came inside to watch her open the rest of the goods!
Please excuse her non-ladylike position in the chair :)  She got some neat stuff for sure - you can definitely tell what is popular for this age girls!  Sofia, My Little Pony, and art stuff!  She did get some other neat things, and amazingly enough none of it was a duplicate!
She had such a great time at her party.  In fact, she was under the impression that she would get to go back a few days later on her real birthday for another party and to do the big swing again :)  That big swing - the one she was anxious about - ended up being her favorite part!  And she has already asked if her 6th birthday can be there :)  I call that a success!
Invitation: Beth Hart Designs
Outfit: The first year of nothing custom!  I got the leotard and tutu at Target!
Balloons: Party City
Cake: Puffy Muffin
It felt so great to not be too over the top :)  And now it is time to start planning Jack's 2nd birthday - and a little early so we don't get too close to BC3's arrival!



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