Friday, May 9, 2014

Katie's Celebration at Cee Cee's

A few days after Katie's actual birthday, we went to my mom's house for a celebration there!  Katie was so excited - and I think Cee Cee was too :)  We picked up Chick fil A on our way there, so we ate lunch first - and then it was time to sing!  Mom bought those little cupcakes - and it was perfect!  Those are a lot easier for Jack to eat :)  Here they are ready for us to sing!
 You think Katie was excited?? Love this one!
 And an action shot!  After she finished blowing all 5 candles, out, she sighed and said, "That's hard work!!" - ha!
 And this guy had fun too!  He was so good!
 And after eating the cupcakes, it was present time!  Mom had the birthday tiara and feather boa for her to wear - I barely got this picture before she took it off.  And then when it was time for us to leave, she really wanted to take it home with her - crazy child.
 She was definitely ready to rip into the presents!  Here she is opening the one from Uncle Will - he got her two books of knock knock jokes!  She tries to tell them and make them up and they make no sense, so we are going to work on some of the ones from these books :)
 And then she opened one of the presents from Cee Cee!  One of the things was finger paints!  Katie was SO excited...especially because my mom had set up a table to use them...and I had brought "painting clothes" to wear!
 Once she learned that I brought clothes and she got to use the paint, she wanted to change immediately.  Then Cee Cee gave her the other part of her present - a great big blanket that my mom knit when she was in high school!  And it is some of Katie's favorite colors!  I have put the blanket in the top of Katie's closet - it will be for special occasions :)
 Think she was happy? HA!  When mom asked about using it, I asked if she thought Katie was too old for it - clearly she is not - she had a BLAST!
 And there's that sweet handprint!
She had a blast mixing colors and making a mess!  And for the record - that fingerpaint is not washable!  Glad we had those paint clothes!  Both kids were worn out after leaving Cee Cee's house - that is always the sign of a good visit!


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